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Quality veterinarian services for Walkertown, Kernersville, Winston-Salem, NC and surrounding areas for over 30 years. 

In order to provide high-quality medical care for your pet, we have assembled a top-notch staff and provided them with the tools they need to diagnose and treat your pet's illness or trauma.

Laboratory Services

Our in-hospital laboratory is equipped to provide almost immediate information about the physical state of your pet. This is particularly important in an emergency situation. We can analyze blood chemistries, counts and electrolytes within minutes. Within 10-30 minutes, we can test for feline leukemia virus, feline immunodeficiency virus, canine parvovirus, feline and canine heartworm disease, canine Brucellosis, antifreeze toxicity, clotting deficiencies, early renal failure (through detection of microalbuminuria) and evidence of allergy (through detection of immunoglobulin E). Our doctors and other team members are trained to efficiently perform urinalyses, intestinal parasite checks, and cytological analyses. When time is not a pressing factor, or specialized tests and/or the opinion of veterinary pathologists are required, we send samples to an external veterinary laboratory. These samples are picked-up by our courier in the evening. Depending on the test, the results are often waiting on our fax machine by the next morning.

Radiology Services

Our hospital is equipped with two digital X-ray machines. One machine is permanently housed in our Radiology Room, the other is portable and used principally in the Surgery Suite to visualize bone placement during orthopedic surgeries. Our main X-ray table is human-sized, so even the largest dog can be completely supported and does not have to be pushed or pulled across the table. The Radiology Room is equipped with oxygen and inhalational anesthesia, if needed. Our team members are trained to shoot diagnostic X-rays with a minimum of re-takes and discomfort for your pet. We use an automatic processor to develop consistent X-rays within three minutes. In addition to routine radiography, we have the supplies and expertise necessary to perform specialized radiographic procedures including Barium studies (examination of the movement of fluid through the gut), myelograms (examination of the movement of fluid along the spinal cord), and pyelograms (examination of the movement of fluid through the kidneys).

Surgery and Anesthesia Services:

We have the instrumentation and expertise to perform a wide variety of routine and specialized surgeries including enterotomy, gastrotomy, hemilaminectomy, femoral head ostectomy, anterior cruciate ligament repair, and fracture repair by intramedullary pin placement. Depending on the procedure, we use injectable and/or inhalational anesthetics. We offer propofol and sevoflurane, the newest and safest of the veterinary anesthetics, for geriatric or high-risk surgeries. During anesthesia, we have pulse oximetry and EKG available for monitoring vital signs. Additionally, we use the monitoring skills of our three well-trained and vigilant veterinary assistants. We use sonication and either steam or chemical sterilization to ensure the cleanliness and sterility of our instruments.

Dental Services

Dental procedures, including extractions and cleanings, are performed under general anesthesia with the same safety precautions used for invasive surgery. During routine dentistries, the doctor examines the teeth for signs of abscess, decay, structural damage or instability. He/she then decides if any need to be removed and what further treatment needs to be performed. We use an ultrasonic scaler and a high-speed veterinary polisher to remove the plaque and tartar.

Endoscopy Services

We have three endoscopes of varying size that allow the veterinarian to examine you petÆs nose, throat, windpipe, stomach and intestine, without making an incision. The endoscope, a flexible tube-like instrument, allows the doctor to visualize the structures in these areas, take biopsy samples and retrieve foreign bodies without the need for surgery.

Vetscope Examination Services

Our Vetscope is available to show you whatÆs in your dogÆs ear. In general, the Vetscope is a tiny television camera that can be placed in your dogÆs ear to more easily and clearly visualize infections, ear drum damage, ear mites, etc. It can also be used to examine eyes, mouths, noses, etc. It has the capacity to store images for ôbeforeö and ôafterö presentations. It can also be attached to an endoscope, to record images inside the stomach or intestine of your pet.

Rabies Clinic 

We offer rabies vaccines at a discounted rate during our monthly Rabies Clinic. The dates vary but are usually the last Wednesday of each month from 9 am to 12:30 pm. No appointment necessary.  Please call ahead to confirm days and times. 

Referral Services

When a veterinary specialist would better serve the needs of your pet, our veterinarians, after consultation with you, refer the patient to the appropriate specialty center. Sometimes this center is the veterinary college at North Carolina State University or the Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. However, many of our patients are referred to the Carolina Veterinary Specialists in Greensboro (http://www.carolinavetspecialists.com). Our veterinarians work closely with their specialists to ensure that your pet gets the best of care.

Online Prescription Refills and Specialty Diets

In conjunction with the pharmacy services of VetCentric (http://www.vetcentric.com), we are pleased to offer you a new option in obtaining prescription refills, Frontline, Heartgard and some speciality diets. By clicking on "Prescriptions" on our web site header, medications and other items can be ordered as you need them (or on a fixed schedule). These items are then sent directly to your home. The fees are competitive due to VetCentric's greater buying power and comparatively lower overhead. To get you started, we need to file your pet's prescription(s) with VetCentric. If you are interested in using this service, or would just like more information, please contact Walkertown Veterinary Hospital at 595-3090.

Boarding Services

At Walkertown Veterinary Hospital we are proud of our large and well-equipped boarding facilities. We have a variety of kennel types and sizes to accommodate animals of different physical requirements. Though we usually board cats and dogs, we have also cared for ferrets, rabbits, hamsters, iguanas and birds.

We have a great kennel staff to help walk, feed, clean, play with and otherwise care for your pets. They are skilled at detecting and reporting subtle behavioral or physical changes or signs that might indicate a medical or behavior problem. Further, we have several team members with veterinary assistant experience and three full-time veterinarians to help ensure that your pet remains happy and healthy during his/her stay.

We also offer additional Boarding Options to enhance on an already great boarding experience. Some options are extra one on one play time, daily coat brushing, gourmet treats just to name a few. You may also elect to have a groom or bath done while your furry friend stays with us. Just mark your choices on the boarding sheet at check in.

Because we are a veterinary hospital, as well as a boarding facility, we are able to board animals that could potentially require medical care or observation during there stay. This includes pets with injuries or recovering from illness, diabetics, animals with heart conditions, cats prone to urinary blockage, and patients with other chronic ailments. Further, we can update your pet's vaccinations while he/she is with us, , re-examine a chronic condition, and/or medicate him/her if necessary. We can also usually provide grooming and bathing services while your pets visit with us. In fact, pets that board for 10 days or more are given a complementary bath prior to discharge.

Our dogs and cats are fed high quality diets. Dogs are walked in our fenced backyard. We give lots of hugs and kisses. There is no need to bring your pet's food unless he/she needs a specific diet or is upset by changes in food. You are welcome to bring toys, treats that are approved by our veterinarian staff and approved bedding for your pets.

We would be happy to give you a tour of our kennel. Just ask one of the receptionists the next time your are in to see us.


Boarding fees are fixed and dependent on species and weight. If your pet needs to be medicated daily, you will be charged one of three different fixed fees (per day), depending on the level of treatment involved.

Grooming and Bathing Services

We are happy to offer our clients grooming and bathing services for both cats and dogs. A well-groomed animal not only looks and feels better, but enjoys better overall health. We offer on site grooming appointments to fill all of your grooming needs. If a full groom isn't what you need we also have five kennel assistants trained to bathe, trim nails, express anal glands and clean ears.

A groom includes, unless otherwise requested, a nail trim, anal gland expression, ear cleaning, bathing and drying, clipping and trimming as desired, day care and a bandana or bows.

A bath includes, unless otherwise requested, a nail trim, anal gland expression, ear cleaning, bathing and drying, and day care.

We stock a large variety of medicated shampoos, dips and sprays for different skin conditions including flea and tick infestation, seborrhea, mange, sensitive skin, dry skin, allergic dermatitis and skin infection.

We always have a veterinarian on-site to safely sedate aggressive or frightened patients, to evaluate and treat skin and ear problems, and to provide for virtually all of your pet's other medical needs.

Healing Touch and Acupuncture 

Healing touch and/or acupuncture therapies are offered for certain cases. Please contact our office to find out more about these services. 


Nail trims, anal gland expressions and routine ear cleanings, not part of a groom or bath, have fixed prices.

Routine and medicated bath prices are fixed and determined by the patient's weight.

Grooming fees are variable. The groomer sets the grooming fees based on the patient's breed, size, coat condition, and general grooming needs.

Fees for sedation and other procedures performed in conjunction with grooming (for example, examination and vaccination) are invoiced separately and not included in the grooming or bathing fee.

We would be happy to provide you with an estimate for any services that you desire.


Due to high demand, grooming and bathing appointments must be made in advance. During the summer months, we advise that you book your appointment three to four weeks ahead of time. Requests for bathing appointments can usually be accommodated within a week, sometimes within a day. At present we are scheduling full groom appointments Monday-Saturday, plesase call well in advance of your next needed groom to make the appointment. However; if you are in need of just a bath and brush out our kennel staff is here to serve you with a full appointment schedule. If you would like to make an appointment, please call us at 595-3090 and ask for the grooming department. Appointments are not required for nail trims or anal gland expressions. We would be happy to provide these services at any time during our regular office hours.

Admission Procedures

For admission procedures including hours, required vaccinations, sedation requirements and discharge information, please see the "Admissions" section under the "About Us" header on this site.