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All we hear are barks, meows and tweets of delight. We always appreciate hearing from our valued customers. Check out what our pet parents have to say about Walkertown Veterinary Hospital. If you would like to share your experience, please review us on Google.

What Our Pet Parents Say

This veterinary is great with my animals and are so kind and I couldn't ask for any thing more than what care we get. They are so great with the animals we have that will bite and the ones that don't . I have 7 dogs and they take such great care of them all . I have one at my home and the other 6 my parents have been caring for.

Natasha H.

I take my dog there because he doesn't care for anyone to from him. They do such an awesome job with him. Had to fight with him the first time he went there. Today he had no problem letting me out their leash on him. Next step is to get him to let them out the leash on lol. Awesome place to go and very affordable.

Joanna R.

A wonderful vet practice! My cats have been patients here for 3 years. The staff is friendly and professional. Regular appointments are easy to book. I love their Boarding services as well. The vets are thorough and informative when working with the animals. A great vet practice!

Leslie H.

They take care of my baby for me, keep her well and healthy. They have a great team of Doctors, I feel very safe when she is cared for by them. A great friendly staff, always eager to help in any way . Great place to board your pets, and get them groomed. My baby is 11 years old, she was born Jan. 25, 2009, a month and 3 days before my darling husband passed away. I have had Tinker Belle since she was 6 weeks old. All but about 1 and a half are 2 years Walkertown Vet. Hospital and their staff have been her place to go for all medical needs. By the way, she is a ChinPoo.

Loretta W.

The experience was wonderful from start to finish. I could not have asked for anything better for my cat. I felt like the staff and doctors honestly cared and did everything within their power to help. Thank you for your honesty and care!

Michelle S.

Fair price, good vets on staff, easy to get into, good people to do business with.

Mike L.

Our family pet started favoring one of her legs so we wanted to have her checked out. This was the perfect place to bring her!

Tim K.

Great veterinarian, office staff was kind and respectful. Never a good day when you have to euthanize a beloved family member, but this office made it a bit better with their kindness and compassion.

Jennifer D.

took care of an unknown condition on Cage, where he was unable to walk on his hind legs, VERY PROFESSIONAL STAFF

Max W.

Dr. Fox did an amazing job with my Luna! She had an accident in our back yard that left a deep gash on her side. Needless to say we didn't have an appointment , we walked right in and she had to have surgery that required 9 stitches! She's healing very well and I'm completely satisfied with their service!

Jacquelyn M.

Lived in NC for 7 years. The most competent vets I’ve been able to find. Fair pricing, logical treatments. A++++++

Adrienne W.

I've met two of the vets and am very pleased. They are very nice, and I don't have to watch my dog suffer (from the shots) because they get him out of the car and take him inside for me!

Tara T.

My regular vet was "too busy" and my dog was old and sick. Walkertown Veterinary gave me an appt. time that day. Very caring, patient abd through!!! Highly recommend!!

Suzie W.

We switched to Walkertown Vet after one of out fur babies passed away and I just couldn't bare to go back to our old vet. We have always had a good experience. The front desk staff is friendly and loves our pups. It's usually not super crowded in the waiting room which is great for our anxious girl and they get us back quickly. I'm happy with our decision to move our babies care to them. Lucy and Lenny are happy too!

Kimberly P.

SUPER great place! We felt right at home and comfortable. They took amazing care of cocoa bella. They knew what they were doing, super affordable, and the know how to handle pets. Pets are our family which is the reason we take care of them and take to the veterinarian. So it feels great when you know your pet will be cared for and looked after with love. We treated cocoa bella to a pup cup from pelicans afterwards

Latoya T.

I am so happy with Walkertown Veterinarian. I lost both of my dogs within three weeks of each other quite unexpectedly. Everyone was so incredibly kind and compassionate when I took my sweet boys to them for cremation. They checked on me. They took both paw prints and paw impressions. They sent me cards. They are gentle and loving with my 20-year-old kittie as well as my new little Pug. Getting appointments are very easy and they take time with me and my critters. We are never rushed. ❤️ And - they don’t know this yet - but we are adding to our family which means we are adding to the Walkertown Veterinary family to. That’s the little black female pug in the photos!! ❤️

Beverly F.

Doctor Scott is fantastic. She really cares and has loves for animals. She also is not money hungry as we have seen in so many companies this year.. Thanks Dr Scott

Connie V.